Thursday, July 14, 2011

Incentive or Bribery??

Whatever it is, I consider it a blessing for good choices. What do you do to encourage great behavior? I have a few things in my class that I think help make our day easier.
1. Star Jar: I am always telling my class I am looking for a shining star. This is my version of a treasure box. I just bought a glass cookie jar from Target (love) and filled it will all kinds of goodies.
2. Sweet Treats: I keep this small glass jar, also from Target, filled with seasonal sweets. For example during October, I will fill it with candy corn. It always amazes me what a child will do for ONE m&m or ONE candy heart.
3. Treasure Box: I have a very small metal tin in the shape of a treasure box. I keep it filled with all kinds of stickers. If they get to go to the treasure box, the get to choose one sticker.
4. Swell Smell: I buy different flavors of chapstick and try and keep one in my pocket. This works great especially for in the hall. I will tell them to put their hand on their head and rub the chapstick on their hand so the can smell it. It's always great to stock up on these during the after Christmas sales because they have tons at WalMart for stocking stuffers for the holidays. The kids LOVE them!
5. Green Fish Lunch: At our school, we "flip fish" when kids are in trouble. If you go the entire six weeks without flipping more than one green fish (because everyone has a bad day), you get to have lunch with me in the classroom while we enjoy a movie. The kids can't wait for this!

I don't have a chart or anything in particular that says when you get to this point, you get .... but I think I will this next year. I really just pick out when children are doing exceptionally well or when a student who maybe doesn't do what they are supposed to and is doing really well they get a certain treat. I know for some kids it is hard to do well at school all day so I try to break down the day and help them achieve smaller goals and work their way up to the entire day. I don't believe in bribery but I do think it is important to reward good choices and by doing it at various times and with various things I think it keeps kids on their toes.

Sub Tub!

Last year I put "Make a Sub Tub" on my to do list a million times but never got around to it. Now I have created a 21 page packet to keep you and your substitute completely organized and on track. Many of these forms you can fill out once, laminate, and leave in a sub tub all year. Others (ex. behavioral problems, notes, etc.) you can have printed for when you do have a substitute. You never know when you may have to miss school so be prepared and make your life easier. Your substitute will thank you! :) Here is a preview/download of what you can purchase in my TPT store. :) Have a great day!
<>< Crystal

  Substitute Folder Example

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back To School Unit Posted!!

Hey friends! How is your summer? Well, I had all of these eager beaver ideas and plans for last week but I guess my body wasn't ready to really hit the ground running. I finally finished my 64 page Back To School Unit today. Whoo hoo!! You can purchase it for $6 in my TPT store. (
Here are a few pages for your downloading pleasure. :)
Back to School Unit Preview
I will be working on my Kissing Hand Unit next because that is what I do for the first week of school and my Sub Tub printables. More to come later in the week. My kiddos and I are in Oklahoma visiting family this week and even though there isn't much to do here, it's been great fun to spend time with loved ones. Happy hump day friends!!
<>< Crystal

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Back!!

I am still recovering from my surgery but I am ready to get back to life and that good ole summer To Do List. Thanks for all of your well wishes!! I will be posting lost of new goodies on my blog this next week and in my TPT store so be checking back often. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!!

Oh, and one more thing, I would love your vote in the Really Good Stuff Blog award contest. That is so exciting!!