Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am so excited to do a guest post on Crazy For First Grade.  Hop on over and see what I am doing in my classroom this week with PUMPKINS and grab these freebies from my Fall, Halloween, & Pumpkin Unit.

Just a click away! J

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I was so excited to receive an email last night that my blog had been added 
to the Top 50 Early Childhood Education blogs. So cool!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The PUMPKINS are coming!

(S0rry, it is rolling on the right side. I have it hanging until we fill it out.)
This Friday, we will have pumpkin carving. That’s rightall of my 22 little darlings will bring a full size pumpkin to school and we will carve every last one of them. Gasp! I know righthot messbut so fun!! This is our biggest parent turn out for anything we do throughout the year, which helps me sleep better the night before. Friday, I drew this massive pumpkin and allowed each table five minutes of coloring on it. As you can tell, this is totally a group effort, lol. J They loved it and coloring is great for fine motor. I could have cut out a pumpkin from orange chart paper, but I love the ownership they feel when they help to create something. This week we will weigh, measure, sort, etc. our pumpkins and fill out this chart that we made together.
Stay tuned.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Writer's Workshop..SENTENCES!

(The farmer can see the horse.)
We are finally moving along with Writer’s Workshop. I am really pleased with their progress. Granted, we are writing very simple sentences, but writing a sentence in itself is huge and something to celebrate. This is my lesson from Thursday. The students help me to label and write the sentence. I call on a different student for each word. While we are doing the work at the board, students will write in the air or on the carpet with their finger. This was a suggestion by my assistant principal and it has worked great. J

 I see horse. I see me.
 I see grass.
I can see the rainblow.

I have no idea why it won't put my pictures correctly. :( They are showing up fine on my computer. Oh well, you get the idea. Have a great week!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!!

Okay peepsI want to know what exactly you are teaching right now. J I am working on my Thanksgiving Unit and Farm Unit, among other goodies including upcoming freebies, and I am totally curious about what you are teaching in your classrooms. When I create something, I create it with MY students and my lesson plans in mind, but that may not be beneficial to you. So, here’s your chance to throw in a special request. What literacy or math concepts or centers do you want a thematic idea, game, or printable for? What are you teaching in science next month that you need an experiment or printable for? If I use your suggestion to create something and add it to the packets, I will send you the whole packet for free.  I’m totally out of control too because my last packet was over 100 pages. LOL!  THANKS for your feedback. I hope you checked in yesterday and got all of the great freebies from a few of my favorite bloggers. J  Have a great day!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nouns and Adjectives

(sorry for this less than fabulous pic)

This week we learned all about nouns and adjectives. I was inspired by pictures I saw on pinterest but I tweaked them a little. I changed Nick Noun to Ned Noun because I have a Nick in my class and I wanted it to be different.  I didn’t find anything about Adjectives so I made up Annie Adjectives. I taught nouns on Monday and adjectives on Tuesday. You may not want to teach them so close together, but I think the two go hand in hand so the lessons went great. Then, on Wednesday and Thursday we went to town with some labeling and included the nouns and adjectives. We are doing our farm unit (which has been SO fun) and so we used the pictures I made (but the class colored) as extensions of the lessons. I am totally impressed how well they did with this. I will post my farm unit pictures along with my created unit soon so stay tuned.

Hint, Hint!! You may want to come by tomorrow for a fantastic SATURDAY ONLY treat!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Greetings friends! OMG, I am so tired and this week is draggggginggggg! I am sorry I haven’t uploaded pictures yet this week but they are coming. We are working on our Farm unit and it has been fun! I will upload my Farm Unit this weekend too. 

Here is a fun math game that my kids love to play in centers. We will be playing this next week.  This center will eventually focus on numbers 1-12 but for now, we are just working on 1-6. J  Click the picture to download it. Please leave feedback and follow my store. I really appreciate it!!
Oh, alsoI have been nominated for Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Mom Teacher Blogs. I would love your vote! It’s only one click away. J Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Planning for fun October and Halloween? You should totally go by and check out VINTAGE TEACHER. She does a FREEBIE FRIDAY post every Friday and this past Friday she posted 13 Spooktacular freebie activity links. Totally worth looking!! Just click hereJ

Monday, October 17, 2011

Creating a SUB TUB!

Greetings Friends! Happy Monday! I had such a fun weekend. What about you? Friday night a friend of mine and I took my daughter, niece, and one of their friends to Austin to eat at Cheesecake Factory (yum!) and then to a haunted house! EEK!! I am a totally baby but the girls had so much fun. Teenage girls screaming at the top of their lungsoh my! I was just glad  I didn’t wet my pants. Bwhahaha! Saturday was my little town’s annual garage sale day. I don’t know of a teacher that passes that up, lol.
Anywho, last night I did a guest post on SUBSTITUTES on a friends blog, Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies. I know many of you teach primary, but substitute teachers is something we all share. So, HOP on over, show her some love, and read my post on creating a SUB TUB!

Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parent conferences!

Greetings blogging buddies! Have parent conferences coming up? Come by and listen to The Organized Classroom’s radio show tonight, where I am a guest panelist. I’ve never done a radio show before so this is a first and I have been so nervous.  J  It will air tonight at 8:00 p.m. central time and will be available anytime after that to listen to.  Please come by and listen and let us know what you think!! Have a great week friends. 
More good stuff to come! 

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Also, go by and see Laura at Kinder Kraziness! She has a super cute blog that I follow regularly. I am lucky enough to be on her “Somebody New” Sunday post. Check it out!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Center Organization!

First, a funny! LOL!

I organize all of my centers in colored tubs or in buckets on my back counter or on a shelf (back right corner) that I got from the fabu IKEA. All baskets and tubs have a picture on it that corresponds with the center pocket chart. On the pocket chart, I also place colored dots on the pictures to let students know what table to go to. I had to help them the first two days we started this new system, but now they find it all on their own. Since there are 20 centers, each group only goes to their centers each day so there isn’t a rush to finish. After 15 minutes, I ring the bell and if they are done with their first center, they clean up, put it away neatly (and I am kinda nuts about that too) and then go to their chart to see what their next center is. This way it is more independent so I don’t have to be interrupted during guided reading. Then they stay at their second center until Lit. Center’s time is up. I always put a back up activity at their last center (buddy books, a small puzzle, etc.) so if they finish early, they are not sitting board. I am really happy with this system. I am the only one on my team to do this nuts-o schedule, but it works for me and that’s okay. We all do a different center schedule, but include many of the same ideas. I think it is important to figure out what works for you and your students. You know what they need and what they are capable of. J

Here is the right side of my back counter. Next to my counter is my white IKEA shelf, which is where I have center tubs. Next to that is my math shelf (love!) for all of my manipulatives. (Don't judge my "homemade" curtains below my sink". LOL, gotta love no sew glue 

Here you can see all of my colored tubs better. I try and coordinate the colors (ex. red basket goes to red table, etc.). I think it helps. J

Thanks for taking a peek. I will post more room pics and center pics later on next week. Have a fantabulous day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Literacy Centers!

I just started a new center schedule this past week. I am doing a ten day rotation with 20 centersGASP, right?! Actually, I LOVE it. I am basically preparing for two weeks at a time but this way I keep my groups small (2 or 3 students). I still make sure they go to an art, library or buddy reading, and science activity each and divide the rest among reading and writing activities pretty evenly. I will add pictures tomorrow of how my room looks now, my center chart, and where I have stuff. It’s pretty organized and spaced out which is great. I started guided reading this week so it was definitely a good decision! Here are a few centers. I will add more in a few days. Let me know your thoughts!

ABC centerstudents match the picture to the beginning sound

This is one of our science activities. I put science in both ELA and Math centers. I think this is an important part of learning we often overlook. Here they are just sorting a bucket full of items into magnetic/nonmagnetic.

Magnetic Center: Students find the letters or words to match the trains.

For art, they made a leaf person. Then, I taped them to the top of a bulletin board so we could enjoy them this month. 

Write the room Center: You can purchase my packet here for $3. Students get their paper from the pocket and a clipboard. Then, they find words around the room that begin with the letters on the page. 

Poetry Center: Students get their poetry folder and sit in front of my Poetry Chart. They have a task they do for each poem. This time they will circle the number words and underline the color words. I usually don't have pictures already on my poetry pages because I like them to draw their own, but decided to use this picture instead. 

Each week I have FIne Motor center. In this center, students found their name and a sheet of small round stickers in the basket. I printed the names on white cardstock. They take the stickers off and put them on the letters of the name. They do really well at this. (They say Rita and Paul, by the way.) I tell them as a group that they can't up them on themselves or one another and no one has as of yet. J

I will add a few more centers later. I didn’t want to freak anyone out by adding 20 centers at one time. LOL! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Counting the DAYS!

During calendar time, we always add straws to our tens/ones pocket chart, write numbers on a white board for the number of yesterday today and tomorrow, and then we add a sticky note. The numbers are color coded. I keep them in my “scissor suitcase” this year. It has come in handy! J This has worked out great as a GIANT hundreds board eventually and I play “I spy a (purple) number” a lot. What do you do to count the days of school?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nature Walk MURAL!

Last week, when learning about the season of FALL, students were to bring a bag of items they found while going on a “Nature Walk” at their home. I drew on white paper a tree top, tree trunk, clouds, grass, etc. and each table colored and cut out something for the mural. Then we glued it on. We all sat around a big table (but not too close to me) and I asked each student to bring me a leaf, then a stick, etc. as I hot glued on all of the nature stuff. Last year, we did this but we just taped it to a piece of paper. I thought it would be more fun if we actually made a mural and glued it where it came from (ex. Leaves on the tree, etc.). I thought that would help them to make better connections. They were so proud of how it turned out! Our art teacher’s daughter is in my class and she yelled out “My mom is going to LOVE this!” J