Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elf on a Shelf Freebie!

I am soooo excited about doing Elf on a Shelf with my kiddos. I went to Target to buy it along with the DVD. I wrote a unit to go along with it too. J I made their Elf Journals yesterday. Below is the cover page for your downloading pleasure. J If you want to purchase the whole packet, click here. J

Elf Journal

Anywho, today we watched the 25 minute DVD and it was adorable. It is created based off of the actual book.  If you use just any stuffed elf (which is totally fine, I used to do that too) then it may not be as effective (with the movie that is). The movie goes through how the elves get their “assignment”, how they are packaged (which looks just like the box I got at Target), and the rules.  The kids loved itLOVED IT!! When it was over, they were asking if Santa would send an elf to watch them at school? Needless to say, they have no idea of their teacher’s master plan. Bwhahah ha haaaa! (Insert creepy laugh, haha!)

So, I brought home the box tonight and wrapped it. I addressed it to Mrs. Radke’s class with a return address from the North Pole. Tomorrow I am going to ask our sweet secretary to call down to my class and say we have a special delivery. My students are going to be soooo excited! I hope it makes the next 13 days of school more bearable.  I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes. Have a great day tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday!!!

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teacher's Notebook 

Check out my bundle units too. I have combined all of my December and January Units for one low price. Or, You can pick up my Halloween & Thanksgiving Units bundle. Happy shopping little elves! J
Have a great week back at school. Let the Christmas Break countdown begin!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Freebie & Fun

Well, I am alivebarely.  I haven’t gotten out of my pj’s today. I am vegging  out being productive from my  bed house with my laptop watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon.  Um, these chicks have way too much plastic surgery money.
 I think this was my family’s best Thanksgiving yet. Everyone got along so well, not that there are ever fights or everything but when you get that many people together there can be some drama. LOL. Everyone showed up on time and we ate on time (which is a first) and people actually came prepared with to-go containers so left-overs weren’t a fiasco.  This was my first holiday since my lap band so I wasn’t able to get turkey wasted but the up side of that was that I didn’t end up in a turkey coma later that night. Bwahaha!

I have to say that this Thanksgiving we were the least prepared for Black Friday. Usually we prepare for weeks, wake up at 5:00 a.m. and go buy two papers because I don’t share mine, then look through them a dozen times BEFORE we make our plan of attack.  Well, this year I didn’t even crack open my paper until AFTER dinner had been cleaned up. So, I didn’t bring my A game this year and you could tell. J We shopped from 9:00 p.m. Thursday night until 9:00 a.m. Friday morning. And P.S. shopping for teenagers is terrible. I don’t understand their funky style and I don’t consider myself old, haha. I would love to buy them clothes and shoes but I never know what is in style at the moment. I think next year I am going to take them with me to pick out what they want and I will wrap it and put in under the tree. HAHA!  I napped slept from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. yesterday then went back out into the madness because I had a flat tire on Thanksgiving and needed two new tires. Yuck! What’s a holiday without a flat tire, right?! So, of course while my car was getting fixed up, I ran over to Bath & Body Works to load up on their big sale. I am a B&BW brat for sure! I am obsessed with their shower gels and lotion hand soaps.  My skin is very sensitive but B&BW stuff doesn’t bother me so I stock up during their buy 3 get 3 free sale. With my coupon, I get 6 for $20. You can’t beat that! Man, I sound like a commercial. HAHA!

We ended our day with a family triple date. All of the adults in my family (parents and sisters + husbands) went to dinner. I hadn’t eaten since 4:00 a.m. so I was about to eat my arm off so hungry. Ending the day with my two favorite things (family and sushi) was pretty sweet.  I continue to be overwhelmed with thankfulness for everything and everyone in my lifeI know.. hormones make me a tad crazy emotional. LOL!

Have a great day friends. Here is a calendar to help me you get organized along with to do lists because I know I have a 100 to do lists going on right now. Geez! This month will fly by with a million things to do. It’s the most stressful wonderful time of the year!! Right?!

Sowhat did you get on the Black Friday Sale?? And, P.S.S. if you missed out on my Black Friday sale, don’t fret. Everything in my TPT store is 20% off until Tuesday and 25% off on Teacher’s Notebook. 
Peace & Blessings!! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday BOGO!

Calling all Black Friday Special Ops, Crazier than Crazy shoppers! As you are reading this, my sisters and I are hitting the streets to buy Christmas gifts for our 11 children. We will take no prisoners and let no one cut in line! Bwhahah!

Seriously, picture it..camo, war paint, the whole nine yards.  Get your map, charge your cell phones! It’s serious business people. We are out to save thousands! Bwhahaha! (Insert evil laugh and smilethough can a kindergarten teacher really have an evil laugh and smile? I think SO!)

We were watching TV the other night and that Target commercial with the crazy Black Friday ad lady came one and Nick said, “Look kids, its mom!” ANYwayrude! LOL!

In the spirit of getting a good deal, I am offering a Buy One Get One FREE deal in my store TODAY only!! You can purchase anything in my TPT store or my Teacher’s Notebook store and choose one item of equal or lesser value and I will send it to you.  All you need to do is email me at kreativekinder@yahoo.com and include 1. What you purchased 2. The username you purchased under 3. And what you want FREE. Easy peasy! I will be returning emails on Saturday (after I have slept, lol).  There is no limit. If you buy three, you get three free! And, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your pajamas and computer to get this deal. Sweet!

Have a great day and Shop Until You Dropyou know I will!! Sale ends November 25th at Midnight!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am blessed beyond measure! How can I put that in to words ? Good thing I talk too much love words! I am excited to link up with the fantabulous blog, What the Teacher Wants, for their "I'm Thankful" linky party!

1. What are you most thankful for in your classroom?
Um, my classroom! I was one of those “it takes ten years to graduate” kinda people because I chose to pause, get married, become a foster parent, adopt, and THEN go back to school. So, I am just thankful to have my very own grown up classroom where I get to go every day and meet the little sweeties that God chooses to bless me with each year. I feel like it is one of the most exciting places to be and I am just lucky to spend my days in a classroom.
P.S. the computers, document camera, projector, ipod, games, toys, tables, bulletin boards, desk, supplies, and FUN make life pretty sweet too!

2. Who are you most thankful for? 
Well, I do love me some Jesus. J I am thankful that he created the perfect man for me and in two weeks we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. I am also incredibly thankful for my three children who were not born from my body but born from my heart. I am thankful for my family, friends, career that I love, and blogging buddies that have become such an inspiration to me.

3. What 3 blogs are you most thankful for?
Oh. Em. Ge. Just THREE??? How can I choose? I love SOOOOO many! Not only are my 100 favorite blogs amazing, but I like to think they are my friends!
Well, I will just say that before I began blogging a few months ago, there were a few kinder blogs that I stalked followed religiously. They really helped me to survive my first two years of teaching.

Chalk Talk

I am so thankful for April at Chalk Talk. She is not only a fellow Texas girl like me, but she is witty, creative, and resourceful.  I have learned so much from her. 
I am so thankful for Deanna at Mrs. Jump’s Class. She is so clever and really understands the mind of a kindergarten. She teaches on a level that increases knowledge while still providing such a FUN experience. I love her southern drawl too.

Since I have been blogging, Donna at Kinderglynn has been such a life saver! She has encouraged me, supported me, and given me such good advice when I am technically challenged or just simply ditzy.

Okay, I know we are only supposed to say three but I am often a rule breakerdon’t judge me. J
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

I have a new favorite blog called A Teeny Tiny Teacher. Kristin is haliarous and her posts are sometimes the highlight of my day (sad I knownote to self, must find funnier friends..just kidding!). Seriously, she is laugh out loud funny and I am so thankful to read her blog every day. Well, honestly I just started but I plan on reading it every day. J

The OC Blog Button
Oh, and one more! (I know, I am one of those kids who never stops!) I can’t forget Charity at The Organized Classroom blog. Her Teacher Blog Traffic School is amazing and I have learned soooo much from her!

4. What guilty pleasure are you most thankful for? 
If anyone would like to join me in creating a 12 step program for Pinterest, I am ready. We could start a group, take pictures of it, and then pin them. Um, maybe I will just embrace this addiction guilty pleasure and use it for the great tool it is. Come pin with me! http://pinterest.com/kreativekinder/

5. What are you most thankful for?
Well, I think number 2 sums up a lot of it but let’s not forget that I am thankful for cameras where I get to be pretend to be a photographer. I am thankful for this little blog that I love so much! I am thankful for diet coke even though I can’t really drink it anymore; I know someone out there has my back and is drinking my share! I am thankful for movies and reality television that makes me feel normal because those people are straight up Cra-Z! I am thankful for musichow can I forget?! I LOVE music and especially LOVE to sing worship music. K-Love anyone?

And p.s. I LOVE my mazda 5 that I bought this summer. Her name is Pearl and she is the bestest little car/van/I am not sure what she is/ vehicle on Earth. Oh, oh, and I am thankful for my bathroom which I hide in from my teenagers when they are crazy and hormonal. Okay, this could go on forever. I am just really THANKFUL!

I know that was long but now you really know me. Remember, I live to put the FUN in dysFUNctional! Now go and link up with Rachelle and Natalie and tell us what you're thankful for! 
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Disclaimer: After reading all of the other blogs, I realize I went overboard. Oopsie! If you made it through this entire post, you are a trooper and I am THANKFUL for YOU!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Week...SO FAR!

Greetings friends! I have been enjoying my week off so far, well I think. Yesterday I had lunch with my parents and got a pedicure. I am not rocking some candy cane toes (red with white stripesSOOO cute!). J  I got home early to make a real meal (HAHA!) with plenty of time to do stuff around the house.  Shut the front door, it feels like summer!

Today I went and had lunch with my three kiddos. I teach in a different district so they are still in school this week (insert sad face, now insert sarcasm, lol). It was pretty cool since I never get to do that. Now, the 2 hrs I spent in a middle school lunch room, which later led to a major headache, was an experience. Hats off to middle school teachers! I couldn’t do it. I am not a fan of big kids, their hormones and attitudes, lol. I also will not teach in a grade where students are taller than me, haha. Being 5’2”, I am limited.  I will stick with the small fries!  

Then, I met my personal trainer for our second session. I had lap band this summer so as I am losing weight, I wanted to start working out and toning. Welllet me just tell you that it has only been a few hours and I am already in need of a wheel chair. Now my trainer doesn’t go all scary drill sergeant on me. Um hello, I would cry and run out. No bullies, right?! Any who, today he said “we were going to step it up and increase the level of difficulty.” Boy he wasn’t lying! I want to be pushed, just not off a cliff. I have a goal for the end of this year and I know he will help me get there but on the inside I am saying, dear Lord Baby Jesus make it stop! My abs were going into convulsions, seriously! The inside of my stomach was shaking as to say” Hey lady! You haven’t used these muscles since birth!”  Well, I survived the hour session without passing out, punching the trainer, or having to use my inhaler.  AND THEN, I went to the grocery storeas if I hadn’t put my blood pressure through enough.  A few hours later, the bird is thawing in the fridge, I am icing down the muscles I can get to, the kids have given me the mom of the year award for bring the beloved Sonic to school today and all is right in the world. Now, tomorrowthat’s another story!

So, today I was THANKFUL that I was able to just be a mom for a moment.  What are you thankful for today??

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Around the World!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! I know, I know.the turkey hasn’t been carved yet but I just can’t help it. I LOVE me some Christmas. I love the spirit of the holidays. Of course I love to shop and find and good deal, but I really appreciate the way the world becomes a little softer, more generous and kind to those in need. I love sparkly things and twinkling lights and the smell of baking everything that is totally not on my diet. Yep, my heart melts every day this time of year. And, for those who are not lucky like us. who don’t get to live their life through the lives of a child each day, this season helps them to embrace their inner kid and that is pretty cool. AnywhoI just finished my ChristmasAround the World Unit. It is a whopping 108 pages and will be on sale this week for $6 for its debut. If you teach about Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa, I hope you find this helpful. I have also included the beloved Santa Claus, Rudolph, and a few elves too. This packet covers a lot and I can’t wait to use it in my classroom (after the break of course, ehem). I am off the whole week. Whoo hooo!!! I will pop by later. I’ve got something BIG up my sleeve for Black Friday so check back soon!!

On a personal note, I put up my Christmas decorations this weekend. Don’t judge me! LOL! This is the third year I have put everything up the weekend before Thanksgiving and I love this new tradition. My family and I are those crazy shoppers on Black Friday (seriously, it’s Special Ops!) so I am totally exhausted on the weekend. Once December hits, the rest is history! So, now I embrace this no stress opportunity to cross something important to my family off my list. Here are a few pictures I thought I would share. Yes, I do put up multiple trees. J I have everything really organized in about six big crates so it only takes about three hours to whip my house into holiday shape. So worth it!!

Our living room tree is 9 ft tall. We bought it on QVC and took 6 months to pay for it. The tree in the kitchen is our old tree. It is completely funky and my kids love it. It’s decorated with hot pink, purple, green and blue. I put all of the extra decorations in my hurricane on the table. The Charlie Brown looking tree is in the front room. I really wanted a tree there too but I am drawing the line (this year) and not buying anything new for the holidays. J Have a great week friends!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A TURKEY is a Funny Bird!

A turkey is a funny bird! Stop by and read my article on

 and see what we are up to this week. J

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Stations

(I love this picture. This is one of my little friends that talks in a whisper every day. I loved that he chose the Indian name, Quiet Friend.)

Last Thursday we had our Thanksgiving Feast at lunch. This is when family members are invited to come and share a turkey tray in our cafeteria. The kids decorate a family turkey ahead of time and we put them up in the cafeteria for decorations. Before the families get here, we were very busy in the classroom. I set up table rotations that included: making vests (they chose their Indian name), making pattern necklaces out of fruit loops, having a snack while reading Thanksgiving themed books, making a headband by using real feathers and a sentence strip that they wrote Indian symbols on, and a painting activity where students used popsicle sticks to paint their fingers different colors and the palm of their hand brown to create a turkey.  We did 10-15 minute at each rotation.  At times it was what I would call “controlled chaos” but it all worked out well and they were so cute! Here are a few pictures of our stations. J

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun Family Project!

Happy Sunday friends! I was a baking muffins this morning for church and started thinkingscary huh?!! J Anywho, How cool would it be to make a cook book with my class? I am not talking fancy shmansy here, just recipes copied in one book. You could bind it or staple it. Each student could sign their page and color the cover. You could ask each student to bring a family recipe from home. Then, make a book and pass out copies to each family for Thanksgiving or even Christmas. Because of copy count concern, I would use half sheets and copy them front and back. That way I can get four recipes to one sheet of paper. Make sense? You could also ask students to bring a sample of their recipe for the class to enjoy. It could be a really fun family project where everyone gets a keepsake! Here is a recipe card I made to share. I would suggest copying it onto cardstock to make it more durableyou are more likely to get it back in one piece. LOL. J Let me know if you decide to do this. I would love to post some pictures. Have a great day!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Junior Scientist!!!

Ya’ll, I am SO EXCITED about my new unit! This science unit was fun to create! This 83 page packet is packed full of science FUN. This unit is sure to bring fun and enrichment to your classroom. In this unit, you will find

Journal pages/worksheets for the following:
Cover page
Parts of an apple
Five senses
Parts of the body
My complete Weather Unit
Science Vocabulary
Pumpkin Observations
Earth Day

Lifecycle of a tree
Pets needs
Parts of a Flower
Healthy Teeth
Label the ladybug
Writing: weather, trees, mammals, moon, animals, flowers, spiders, birds insects, solar system

Experiment Worksheets
Scientific Method Posters

Book Suggestions
Pictures of interactive writing charts I have done with my class
Pictures of how I set up my science center

*Note: All worksheets and journal pages are in black and white. Posters and vocabulary are in color. 

Right now this unit is on sale for $6. If I left something out you just gotta have, just email me. I wrote this based upon our Texas TEKS and district alignment. J

Here’s a sneak peak!

Science Preview

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Literacy Centers!

We started new Literacy Centers on Monday. Ya’ll know I’m crazy and have 20 centers but I have to say I love love love doing centers on a 10 day schedule. It’s a lot to plan up front but everything has gone so smoothly and I love having 2-3 students in each center. I won’t overwhelm you with all of my centers, but here is a peak at the next two weeks of literacy learning. J Everything pictured here is in my Turkey Teaching Unit. 

 Art Centers (they go to one a week) 


My star center has a mini pocket chart. They Sort beginning sounds. 
Students go to "Big Book Center" after poetry center. 

Here a student is in the listening center and after reading the book she is drawing a picture of her favorite part of the book along with the title and author. 

Gotta love the home living center. They go to this center once every other week. 

I love Leapfrog TAG Readers. I got these last year through a Donor's Choose project. They go to listening one week and TAG readers the next. 

For my phone motor center,I created this worksheet where students will use bingo dot thigys (haha, I don't know what they are called) to mark sight words. I will be creating a unit for this center soon.  

Rainbow Writing with thin markers. 

Writing Center: Students take this leaf book and write fall words. 

This is on the bulletin board for students to see. 

Magnetic Center: Students make the words with magnetic letters to 
match the turkeys and pilgrims. 

Pocket Chart Center: Students are sorting capital and lowercase l
etters into this ABC pocket chart.

I always have a science activity so they do this center once every two weeks. I have a science activity in math centers too. This week they are sorting living/nonliving and then for math centers they will do a living/nonliving journal entry. 

Have a great day! I will post more of my centers next week and math centers too. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey, Turkey, What do you see?

Oh happy! Oh happy dayyyy! Ok, ok I won’t go all Sister Act on you and I’m not really sure why I am so perkyit must be the exhaustion kicking in, haha! Anyway, we are in full force of our Thanksgiving Unit and it is so much fun. I love this unit because it really humbles me and gives me a chance to self reflect a little more. I am just so thankful for the many blessing in my life. I love talking to my students about what it means to be thankful too. This is a concept they may not understand how to express so we talk about it and share with one another. Here is a fun little reader I made. I hope you like it. I have made a few more fun FREE things to post this week so check back. I don’t know if I say it enough, but I am so thankful for this little blog. Aside from teaching, I have always wanted to be a writer. This is a fun outlet for me. J Have a great day!!

Thanksgiving Freebie One

Oh, happy day! I am still singing because with all of the giveaway whoopla I forgot to tell you that I am a new TBA author. WHOO HOO! I am tickled pink! If you haven’t been to Teaching Blog Addict, OMG, get moving because you won’t be disappointed.