Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year friends. I am squeezing in my last blog post for 2012. Oh what a year. Of course, when I think of a year, I think school year. I feel like we should be counting down the night of the last day of school and then popping a cork, oh wait, I do that anyway. Haha!

Oh what a month! Most of my month was like this:

 Talk about whirl wind. I swear I have been more sick this school year that the past several years combined. No hot plans for tonight. I have been pretty much glued to my couch since Thursday watching Hallmark Christmas movies in my pj’s (don’t worry I have showered and rotated the pjs). I have gone through two tissue boxes and a few boxes of various medicines and stinky vapor rubs. The only thing that kept me going was my peppermint ice cream. I tell you there is magic in that stuff!

So, I am way behind on blogging. Shocker! I know. I wanted to share a few funnies with you. First off, the last week of school could have just been awful before the break. I mean, we are never in school up until three days before Christmas. Talk about coo coo for coco puffs! Anywho, we were all very emotional the last week due to the devastation our nation faced with the loss of those sweet children and teachers. Well, I can tell you how we survivedwe had FUN! We loved, and hugged, and sang and did crafts and most of all we ELFED around like no body’s business. Now, don’t get me wrong, we still taught and kids still learned but it was different. Last year my kinder team did Elf on a Shelf but this year our whole school did it.

So, picture it..Monday: third grade elves had a snowball fight and covered their hall with tissue balls. (Sorry I didn't get pic).
Now on to Tuesday. On the morning announcements our principals states that the second grade elves are missing. Gasp throughout the school! Then an hour later we get an email with this picture. (Elves hanging from the FLAGPOLE!)

Then, an hour after that, we get sent another picture with a ransom note. Apparently other elves demanded lots of candy. Tick tock!

So, after lunch, when no candy was left out, this picture got sent. Students were writing letters and pleading with teacher for candy. So! Flipping! Funny!
By the end of the day the second grade elves were returned to their classes safe and sound.

On Thursday, we got to school and there was this picture on the office door. Apparently the elves that did this handy work left their footprints behind. I am thinking these were the third grade elves.  These are the pictures from later that day but before the office and specifically principal’s office was filled with holiday balloons. Just awesome!

Oh, and our kinder elves were no angels either. I didn't take this pic until later in the day so this damage doesn't really do us justice, but our elves toilet papered our hallway. Naughty little elves!

We had so much fun the last week of school in the midst of all of our chaos. It really brought a sense of unity, laughter, and fun. Oh tis the season for all of those things!

Here are the ornaments that my kids made for their parent gifts. I had one extra ornament so I decided to have all of my student's sign it for my own keepsake. Well, that would have been a great idea EXCEPT I misspelled my own name! Yes, a mental health day should be given in this circumstance. Haha!

Just in case you aren't following me on Facebook, here are my latest creations. You can click on the pics for more info. 

I am also having a BOGO sale through January 1st. Buy anything from TPT or TN, email me your username and purchase and I will send you something of your choice that is equal or lesser value. 

Happy New Year friends!! I will be back tomorrow to share with you my New Year crap that never happens resolutions! J


  1. Happy New Year, Crystal! I hope it's a great one for you and that you start feeling better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

    The Elf on the Shelf war is too funny! Love it!


  3. I am so going to do Elf on the Shelf with my students next year. . . didn't even think of doing it with the class this year! Since my own "baby" is 31, I don't get to do all of these fun things anymore!

    I hope you start feeling better. I can relate; I have had a cough since before Thanksgiving. I've been to the doctor twice and have gone through two rounds of antibiotic. . . may go to "doc in the box" tomorrow (I guess that means today since it is now Jan. 1!)

  4. How fun that your whole school does the elf thing! I love it!I am going to suggest it to our PTO for next year maybe!

    I love the ornament idea you did for yourself. You could even do those and use them as gifts for those on your campus. I usually make a little extra of this or that and allow the kids (usually 2 at a time) to give them to people they interact with on campus like the cafeteria works etc. IDK.. my grandma still to this day leaves a box of chocolates on the trash can at Christmas time for the garbage man.... the spirit of giving!

    Anyways... loved this post! Lots of shenanigans with those elves!

    Jen from Simply Kinder

  5. Love the elf pics! We had a lot of fun that week too. It was the best way to cope with all that had happened!

  6. How wonderful that the whole school got involved with the Elf. What great community building experience! Happy New Year.

  7. What a fun time with your elves!! Happy New Year!!

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  9. I love your elf on the shelf ideas!! We had a lot of fun using your unit!!! I also was sooo emotional the last week of school so we decided to have lots of fun!!! We always are in school until right before Christmas and its always CRAZY!!! But also fun!!! Excited to put your new stuff to work in my classroom!!!

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