Monday, December 17, 2012

Not a typical MONDAY

Ohhh Monday...usually we have a love / hate relationship but today, it was just love.

Today was super fast. My son had an appointment so I was late getting to school. I felt like all I had time to do was give a few hugs and send my kids home. I am looking forward to tomorrow. No one had questions about last week, which I was relieved. I am not sure what I would have said but I am sure God would have given me the words. This weekend was a roller coaster for me. We celebrated my daughter's sweet 16 on Friday night. My sister had to slap me around a little to get me out of my crying funk so I could give Grace the party of her dreams. Then on Saturday and Sunday, my sweet hubs planned a weekend away for our anniversary. I tried so hard to be present in every moment this weekend but my mind continued to drift and I found myself fighting back tears. I still feel like I need to have a good cry but haven't really allowed myself that. Its amazing to me how one minute can provide so much prospective. I hope you had a great day. Love those babies! Yes, standards and teaching to our fullest are important but so is loving our students. Here is a sweet poem someone sent me today. Praying for the peace that passes all understanding for us all. Love and virtual hugs!


  1. That is AMAZING and so fitting for this tragic event. Even though we are all sad and astounded that something like this could happen to children so young, we also must be grateful that they are with our heavenly father. Thank you for sharing this appropriate poem with us all. It helps to think of them all in the arms of our lord and no longer in this world where such tragedy can take place. Hope you have a blessed week and Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Would you mind making this available as a printable download? I would love to share this with others. Thanks -