Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creative FUN!!

My first day of school was on Monday. Whoever decided that school should start on a Monday should bewell, I won’t finish that sentence, lol. It’s really hard for my little friends not to mention this tired achy teacher. I went to school on Sunday to finish up a few projects that were just for FUN. I made this cute frame for our first day pictures. I bought a plain frame, covered it with duck tape and a few dicut letters and wha la! LOVE!!

I made Brain Sprinkles & Quiet Spray for my team too. It was super cheap and easy. I bought all of the supplies at the Dollar Tree. I busted out the Brain Sprinkles today and when someone was saying something smart or simply obeying, I gave them some Brain Sprinkles because they were working SMART! The kids LOVED it. It is just a glass cheese shaker thingy (I sealed it shut with cardboard and glue) with a little bit of glitter and pom poms.

Here is an empty bottle with a label that says Quiet Spray. Just spray the table that needs to be quiet. It cost $1 to make. I will introduce it tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

We made it through two minutes of Read to Self (barely) today. Oh, it’s fun times I tell you. I have 24 students. I know last time I told you I would let you know if I would get by with prayer alone or if this will be more of a fasting and praying kind of year. I think just prayer will do it. I really have a sweet classbusy and chatty but nothing I can’t handle.

Oh, and look what hubs did on our first day of school? He sent my whole team flowers! What? This is totally new! I am not sure he has met my whole team, lol. I was surprised and we totally deserve it, ehem. So do you!!! J

Can I also tell you my old lady hips hurt so bad tonight? You didn’t hear? I turned 32 this weekend and I think my body thinks it turned 72! I am sure it is just me getting used to school mode again, but man oh man. Someone send me a massive bottle of old lady cream because my hips hurt! LOL!

Ok, that is all I got for tonight. I promise to get better at writing when I find my head. I think it is in my lower region, ehem. Love and virtual hugs!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Classroom Pics!

Have you jumped ship yet? I hope you didn’t think I did!  I am still alive (barely). I feel terrible that I haven’t blogged in so long. I am ready for school to start just to get some normalcy in my life. Yes, I saidI am READY for school to start! My kids and all of their practices are about to do me in. I need school to start just so we are not practicing something from sun up to sun down!

As promised, here are my classroom pics. I have to still take several of my last year charts off of my walls. I was "model classroom" for Kindergarten ELA last week. That means that all of the new teachers come to my room to look and see how I have things set up...nothing fancy. I did leave up many of my charts though so they could see the work I did with my kids. I will be taking most of it down tomorrow so I can have a clean slate for my new babies. I am really excited about my classroom set up this year. It just feels good! I think it will work great (well that is what I am wishing/hoping/praying!). I like defined spaces and a large group area. It is also important to me to have as many students in front of the word wall as possible for table work.

I have Meet the Teacher on Thursday night. I hope to know then whether I need to just pray or fast and pray..haha! I have taken general room pics (which I am posting today) but I have also taken specific pics of each part of my room. I plan to do a few more posts in the next week about specific areas of my room, including how I have decided to implement Daily 5.

I am really excited about the changes this year, but it is a lot. We are adding Daily 5, changing our discipline procedures to Conscious Discipline, using BUILD for math centers, and going to C-Scope for curriculum. Yep, this year will be filled with a big ole learning curve. I had to buy a new pack of big girl panties during the tax free sale as self-encouragement. I will keep you updates along the way. Don’t expect greatness people! LOL. I hope you are having a great start to your school year. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back To School!!!

Greetings friends! That's me above with Pointy Jr. getting ready to hit the streets of NYC for some sightseeing, lol. Brace yourself...this is a longggg post! 

Are you knee deep in sheep like me? I am working on getting my classroom together, making lists and checking them twice. I would say that the summer has flown by but I think with all this traveling I feel like I have spent my time really living it up. No regrets here! And, for the first time ever, I lost 11 pounds instead of gaining to usual 10, lol. I am pretty tired though and ready for things to get back to normal. To be honest, I am freaking out when I look at my family schedule for this semester. My son will be playing 7th grade football on Thursday. My daughter will be entering High School this year (I want to throw up thinking about that, lol) and will be dancing in the color guard during Friday night football games. Throw in Life Group for church, practices, oh yeah and food..I think these people will want to eat every day..oh it’s going to be fun times people! You just wait for the hot mess that will be exploding soon on a Kreative in Kinder blog near you! Haha!

Just like you, I am getting ready for my sweet kinders to start school soon. I am excited that TPT and TN will be throwing huge sales in a few days to help me (and you) get prepared. Since some of you may be new to this here blog thing, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite products from of my store and some of the items I have on my wish list to purchase for the big sale. If you follow me on facebook then you know I have over 30 items on my wish listobsessive much, um yeah! I am limiting myself to $100. Too high? Too low? OMG, there is so much I want and I just don’t have time to create so many goodies. J
Did you know I have made over 15 classroom sets this summer, shut up! I know right..cuh-ray-z! In case you are looking for classroom d├ęcor sets, make sure you check them out. Here are a few examples. J

Here are a few of my favorite units and things that may help you get ready for school this year! Just click on the picture to take you to any of my favs.

Now, here are a few of the items in my wish list created by very cool teachers that I adore! J Just click on the picture to take you to these great products. Again, these aren't mine, just ones I hope to use in my room this year. 

So that is it in a nut shell. I am off to celebrate hubs birthday. We are going to see George Lopez in Houston. I am so excited. My birthday is in two weeks so we usually do something to celebrate both together. I will be celebrating my second annual 30th birthday, ehem. Now for those of you doing the math, remember we adopted our kids so no glaring looks through that computer! When I think I am about to have a 16 year old I feel more like 50, lol. J Ohhhh, it’s always good times at our house. We put the FUN in dysFUNctional!

Anywho, I hope you are having a great time getting ready for school to start. Don’t stress too much. Remember that no matter what you do, you will always be a hero to your students. Perfection is not attainable but no one can be a better you.
I’ll be back in a few days with new classroom pictures and sharing some of the ways I get through the first week of schoolno, it’s not a flask in my drawer. J  Good stuff to come friends. I am SO EXCITED about this school year. Get excited people. This is what we are made for. Happy shopping and let me know what ya get and don’t forget to rate and leave comments. Teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook appreciate it sooo much!!! Love and virtual hugs!!

Peace out! J

Monday, August 6, 2012

Center Solutions

 Hi Kindergarten Teachers! This is 
School is just around the corner for most of us. Today is actually my first day with my new class. 

{Side note-I get so nervous and excited the first day that I hardly sleep. My BIGGEST fear is the crier. I bribe my class with a cupcake each if the can get through their first day of Kindergarten without crying! It works!}

As I was working in my classroom this summer, my center chart (pictured below) was driving me crazy.

Center time is a favorite in my class and an important time for social interaction, creative play, and learning. We have 6 work centers a week and the rest are free/play centers. 
All this interaction takes it toll on my center board. It can only take so much abuse! 

I made it a few years ago and it fits all my classroom needs.
I know it needed an update but I had no clue how to do it.
I was inspired by Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles

All those "Teacher Stores" have center packs that are great looking but not practical. I need my chart to be in a small area and very versatile. I also couldn't find a chart set that included exactly what my class uses. We have working centers at our tables, but play center throughout the room.

Then, I thought... {insert thought bubble here}

Mary- you can just make your own on the computer!

Here is my updated Center Chart!
Here is my center chart pack with over 40 center pictures.
You can print it out on your printer or on your school's poster printer!

This is how you can make your center chart!
Grab my center chart file, here on TN or here on TpT, poster board if you can't print this on a poster printer at school, and matching velcro. (I used a black poster board, so I got black velcro.)

1. Printed out all the needed center cards.
2. Organized the center cards on the board how you want them. 
3. I added circles with construction paper to match my clothes pins. One circle for each pin.
4. Laminate chart and cards separately, THEN add velcro to the back of the cards before attaching them to the chart. (This allows you to change out specific centers if needed. I have found that my centers change about half way through the year, as my students mature.)
5. Add clothes pin to circles.
6. Hang chart up. (I attach my chart to a filing cabinet using magnets.)

I hope this pack and these directions help you create the best new and versatile center chart around for your new class.

How much time do your students get in centers each day?

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pinspiring Classroom Management!

In case you missed my guest post on Hadar's blog in June, here is an oldie but goody post....

Let’s be honestsometimes our classrooms look like the animals in the zoo, a car of clowns from the circus, or a sold out PG movieyes we put the FUN in dysFUNctional.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite classroom management ideas and pinspiring pics!

Star Jar: I am always telling my class “I am looking for a shining star.” This is my version of a treasure box. I just bought a glass cookie jar from Target (love) and filled it will all kinds of goodies. It’s like telling kids they get a Happy Meal (because they want the toyright?).

Sweet Treats: I realize that many schools don’t allow candy anymore and I don’t necessarily agree with sugaring kids up. I think it’s a good rule. I keep this small glass jar, also from Target, filled with seasonal sweets. For example during October, I will fill it with candy corn. It always amazes me what a child will do for ONE m&m or ONE candy heart. I always get compliments on how clean my room is and it costs me about three m&m’s a day.

Treasure Box: I have a very small metal tin in the shape of a treasure box. I keep it filled with all kinds of stickers. I buy the stickers out of the dentist magazines, the big square ones. Oh, they feel beyond special when they get a princess or superman sticker.  If they get to go to the treasure box, the get to choose one sticker.

Swell Smell: I buy different flavors of chapstick and try and keep one in my pocket. This works great especially for in the hall. I will tell them to put their hand on their head and rub the chapstick on their hand so they can smell it. It's always great to stock up on these during the after Christmas sales because they have tons at WalMart for stocking stuffers for the holidays. The kids LOVE them!

Green Fish Lunch: At our school, we "flip fish" when kids are in trouble. If you go the entire six weeks without flipping more than one green fish (because everyone has a bad day), you get to have lunch with me in the classroom while we enjoy a movie. The kids can't wait for this! They really don’t even talk to me during this lunch. It’s just cool to sit in our room and watch Magic School Bus while other kids are in the lunch room. Next year we aren’t doing fish, but we will figure out a way to keep this tradition going.  For some kids, it works.

Here are a few PINTEREST inspired classroom management ideas! I plan on trying a few this year!

I always “bless” my students with stickers and treasures on a whim. I think that keeps them on their toes. For the upcoming school year, I am going to try out a clip chart. I have never done this before but I am excited...I think. EE K! Though, I am not sure how the moving up and down thing will work. What if they have moved up and then they are REALLY naughty? Do you move them back every day?  This teacher needs to be schooled on this! Haha!

Here is a freebie just for sweet little you. It’s a clip chart and I hope you L.O.V.E. love it. If you don’t that is okay too. 

Here’s hoping you have a great upcoming school year and that it doesn't cost you a million stickers, m&m’s, treasures, or an eye twitch. You laugh but two years ago, I had a kid that gave me an eye twitch. I can’t even say his name. That will break the terms of agreement with the therapist. J J/K 

Sending you love and virtual hugs!