Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Treats for Our Sweets

Happy Halloween! I am so glad you stopped by. I hope this freebie cures your sweet tooth. It doesn't stop here though. Make sure you keep clicking because we have loads in store for you.  I hope you are surviving with your kiddos and really will be praying for all of us tomorrow.the day after the sugar crash! Here is my Thanksgiving freebie set to get you started on your next adventure in learning. I can’t believe that tomorrow is November. Man, this year is flying by. Well, click the pic, save the freebie, and on to the next stop! 
You have more trick-or-treating to do with my Freebielicious friends. Next stop...

Love and hugs!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Writer’s Workshop Begins!

Writer’s Workshop…now known as Work on Writing in my class, started a month or so ago.  I feel so behind on my blogging! Time to catch up!  I have been sick the last two days but still worked. Yesterday, I felt terrible but we had pumpkin carving and there was NO WAY I was going to let a sub oversee the carving of 23 pumpkins. OMG! As long as I was breathing, I was there. Luckily, I have some sweet mom volunteers who came early to help me out. I am truly blessed this year with parents that will help with just about anything. I’m sure I had such willing parents in the past, but never took the time to set up volunteers. What was I thinking? I think sometimes it’s hard to ask for help or I think “I can do it all”. Stupid girl. LOL!!! Anywho, I survived pumpkin carving and it was so fun! It’s actually our biggest parent turn out of the year.
So far this year is going great. I have more on my plate because keeping up with my own three children’s redonkulous schedule is a killer and I have a needy bunch of students, very diverse, all with different needs. It’s ok. I kinda have developed a new motto this year. I do as much as I can the best I can and don’t feel guilty about the rest. I obviously care about everything but I have decided not to loose sleep over what I can’t control.
So, on the writing. To introduce writing, I start with why writer’s write. I think this is important because it helps students understand the why, and that’s not because the teacher told me to. We created this I CAN chart. We discussed what we could write about and put it on the chart. Then, I asked them to draw a picture story of something they can write about. I adapted this chart from Abby's at the Inspired Apple. Love her!
i can write
Then, I introduce step one: Brainstorm and step two: Draw and color. I require my kids to use five colors in their illustrations. No one has ever questioned me on this and I was honestly tired of kids coloring everything with one color so I totally pulled this one of my rear end…and guess what? It worked!
I am by far no writing guru and my methods aren't research based but here are my thoughts. Children are more likely to be able to draw a picture before they can write. To me, this builds confidence. Even though they aren't writing yet, they already feel like an author because they can share their story through an illustration.  We want children to understand that their picture must match their words for the story to make sense. So, I start with the illustration. I think it is easier to match the words to the illustration than the illustration to the words. Does that make sense? My kids move way faster through the writing process by doing this. So, here is our second chart that my students use for reference. I wish I had taken pictures of their beginning work. I will take some this week. They really did great.
Next week, we are moving on the labeling and then sentences. It’s exciting!! I will post our progress as we go along.
Oh, before I go, I am having a sale through Monday. Everything is 20% off.
TPT halloween sale
Here are a few things  you may be interested in.  Have a great weekend friends!! Love and virtual hugs!
thanksgiving unit preview 
halloween unit preview

Thursday, October 18, 2012

FANTASTIC Giveaway!!!

Greetings friends! We are SO EXCITED to surpass 1,000 followers on Freebielicious. All of the FANTASTIC Freebielicious authors have teamed up for a giveaway like no other. We will pick three winners, one from each category. Giveaway ends Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. EST. GOOD LUCK and no matter what, EVERYONE WINS at Freebielicious!! 


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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Investigations FREEBIE!!

Pumpkin week is my absolute favorite! My students each bring their own pumpkin, whatever size they want. During the week we measure, weigh, graph, and well everything you can think of with these pumpkins. On Friday, parents come and we carve every single pumpkin. Gasp! I know! But, I will say that it is the biggest turn out of the year and everyone has a blast.  I hope you enjoy this download and have fun graphing. Even if your students don’t bring pumpkins to school, you can bring three and let them choose which their favorite is. J  You can also purchase the complete unit here. Here is the preview of my Pumpkin Investigation Unit for $3.

Head over to Freebielicious to download this freebie. Just click the picture to take you there! 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Science FUN& a Freebie!

UPDATED: I fixed the freebie so you should be able to download now! :)

As most of y’all know, I LOVE me some science. This is how I introduce science in my classroom. We do this during the first two weeks of school. Of course, I am a little behind, ehem, in posting this. Forgiveness please. J This is pretty much what I did last year but I found this chart on pinterest (if it’s yours, let me know so I can give you credit please) but I tweaked it because I wanted it to be an “I CAN” chart. We read the book What is Science?, which I love. Update: The chart from pinterst was made by Cara Carroll. I love her blog. You can find it here:

Then, I gave each student a small blank piece of paper and had them draw what they think science is. It always makes me laugh because every year there is a more dominant theme. Last year it was tornadoes. This year it’s volcanoes, lol.

Here is a freebie for you to. I created this sheet so students could draw more than one thing if you wanted them to. Most of my students can’t read so writing is a challenge. For students that can’t write the words, they could just draw the pictures. J
We have taught so much already this year in science. I am kinda overwhelmed. I plan on completely and posting more science units in the future because I had trouble coming up with resources to use. We have learned about our senses, energy, force and motion, magnets, and germs, and safety. Next week we will move to relative location. Who know kindergarten was so deep? LOL! Have a great week. Come back tomorrow to grab a fun pumpkin class activity.

Looking for more science fun?

Love and virtual hugs!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Great News and FREEBIES!!

Good evening!! Have I got good news for you!! Before this school year started, my blogging besting Tammy (from Live Laugh Love Kindergarten) and I decided to start a new blog called Freebie-licious. We had it designed and have been waiting until life calmed down to take the plunge. I’m not sure that will ever happen so we are diving in head first!

We wanted to create a blog where Pre-K – 1st grade teachers could go and download great freebies. There are wonderful freebie blogs out there (that I appreciate and adore) but we wanted a place that tailored strictly to primary teachersas you all know, we are in a world of our own. J So, please hop over, follow, and download some great freebies. The site just went live yesterday but we already have some great stuff up. I am really excited about this new adventure and I hope it blesses you and your students!!

Now, get to clicking to download this freebie and many more!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Read to Self & other STUFF!

I forgot to take a picture of my Read-to- Self chart but I did take a picture of our How To Read chart. Here it is. (that's me, lol)

So, guess what? My kids have read for 20 minutes for the last two days? Can you believe it? I am so flipping excited. It’s the only peaceful time we have all day, lol but it’s a whole whopping 20 minutes. I haven’t bought enough baskets yet for each of my students (thought that is on the to do list this week) so I let them choose five readers that they put in a gallon ziplock bag. That is currently their “read to self” bag. I did go to Dollar General this weekend and found these small baskets that I would love to use but I wanted to make sure they would work before I bought 24 of them.  When we start read to self, everyone finds their spot (at least a body space away from anyone). They can sit at a table or on the floor. They can lay on their back or tummy or sit upas long as they are reading. Everyone picks a spot, takes out all of their books (because I don’t want to hear noisy bags the whole time) and then I start the timer.  I found a free online timer that I project on the front board. When it starts, everyone knows it’s time to read. No one talks, plays, or gets up. They take their stamina seriously and I love it! Most of them can’t read a word, but they stay so engaged in their books.  I can’t wait until they can actually read!! Are you doing Daily 5? How is it going? I have struggled some with finding time for traditional centers and D5 but I feel like the bumps in the road should become fewer and fewer each weeksuch a learning curve!

So, I will end with another funny from my blog Facebook. I hope you are following. This one is from Laura Starnes. She writes “My favorite so far this year, is my kiddo who I just passed out a sight word activity to. I was finishing passing it out and coming back to the front to give direction and as I pass him, I see him looking at the activity with a very puzzled expression and then he blurts out, "what the hell?!" I almost had to walk out of the room from laughing.” J Thanks for sharing Laura. Now I will leave you with my favorite photo find of the week. So true!

Oh, I almost forgot. I am having a scentsy party if you want to join in. I LOVE scentsy. I would tell you how many warmers I have but you may send me to some stupid 12 step program, ehem. J I just love for everything to smell yummy! I used to have one in my classroom but they banned all plug ins because of electricity. Don’t get me started on that! Now I use the scentsy spray in my room so I still get the good smells (opposed to the alternative which can be sometimes lethal!). Anywho, if you are the market, join in on the fun. Here is the link:

 Oh, one more thing. LOL! I updated my Jr. Scientist Unit so if you have already purcahsed it, go and re-download it to get the upgrade for free. :) I added lots of great pages and seven experiements. I have six more experiments to add still so it will end up being huge when I am done with it. :) Click on the picture for more details. THANKS to everyone for leaving me such great feedback too. I know science can be tough but I love it and want to make it easier for others. :) 

Ok, that's it. Seriously. LOL. Love and virtual hugs!