Sunday, November 25, 2012

Roll & Write FREEBIE & CYBER Monday!

I have totally been in the mood to make life easier for myself you lately. J I decided to take the centers that I use every week and make them for the entire year. Last week I shared my Scavenger Hunt with you. Since then, I made a roll and write sight word center and it’s editable. Now, this is my second venture in making an editable product. I see why many people don’t do it. It’s a pain and takes forever, lol. BUTit will save me you so much time throughout the year. For this center, you roll the die. Check the corresponding sheet write the word that is next to the number you rolled. Clear as mud right? Haha! Next upSeek & Find Sight Word Center.  I usually have five different word work centers going and hope to make each one for the year so I don’t have to use brain power to come up with them. I am limited on brain power these days!! I feel like my stamina is in the toilet lately. I have lost 73 pounds since last school year but last year I could run circles around me this year. What’s up with that yo? I am sorry to be a crappy blogger this year. I am so THANKFUL that you have stuck with me. You deserve a cookie! Ok, I don’t have a cookie but here is a freebie (less calories). Just click the picture to download. It's *editable*! You have to download from google docs to see it correctly. 

You can click on the product picture to get more info about this set.

So, did you shop til you dropped on Black Friday? I totally did. Don’t hate, but I got ALL of my Christmas shopping done. Now, several of those included random gift cards because my family is now flooded with teenagers and all they want is money, lol. This is the first year I have been able to shop for my own three kids and the other ten kids in my family all in one night. Now, who wants to wrap all this crap good stuff for me? J 

Let me know if you download the freebie and what you think. Also, what other types of Sight Word Centers would you like to see in an editable format for all year? I'll be your sight word center genie and try and grant your wish. Haha! I hope you had a fantabulous Thanksgiving break. Mine went by way too fast. Again, so thankful for YOU!! Love and virtual hugs!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt FREEBIE!

I am so excited about my latest creation.  I am in the process of making all of my word work centers for the year.  I like to do the same types of things but with different themes and words.  This creates continued independence while increasing the level of difficulty.  I created my students’ favorite center first, SCAVENGER HUNT! They are so funny! They just love it and it keeps me on my toes too because I have to come up with clever places to put these words.  You can use scavenger hunts for letters, words, even numbers and shapes.  I think half of their centers should involve movement or the floor.  I don’t want everyone at a table, at least not the whole time.  J So, I created my first *editable* product. I must say it was a big ole pain in the bootay, BUT now it is made for the year and it will make my life and hopefully yours easier.  Editable products take tons more steps in creating and I never thought I would finish. So, here’s the skinny! Choose your theme, decide on your words, and type them in.  Print, cut, and staple or tape around the room. Let kids use the coordinating sheet to find the words and write them next to the correct picture.  You can use on set or two at a time. FUN! FUN! FUN!  Click the pic for more details.

This set is 162 pages and includes 53 different themes. 

Just like with all of my new creations, here is a freebie just for you. Just click the pick to download. J 

(Make sure you download it from google can't see it in preview but when you click download, it will! This freebie is editable too. :) )
Try this center out in your classroom and I promise your kiddos will love it! Let me know what you think!  I am working on my next word work center and hope to be finished this week so stay tuned. Can you believe that it is almost Thanksgiving? Holy crizapples! This year is flying by way too fast!!

Love and virtual hugs!