Sunday, January 6, 2013

Picture Palooza Take One!

Currently, this is me! Ha!

Winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks to everyone who entered my latest giveaway! This lucky winner gets this fabu scarf and a $50 gift certificate to my store. I hope you love Plum as much as I do. :)

Now, on to picture palooza. I told you last week that I have a boat load of pics that I had taken the first semester but never blogged about. So, this week I will share them with you. Be warned, there will be little or no explanation of each picture so if you have questions, just ask. :)

I am also sharing my favorite funny pics that I have posted to my blog facebook. If you aren't following, you should. :)

These pics are from Meet the Teacher (which feels like 20 years ago). Feel free to pin whatever you want. This is how I set everything up, the folder I give to the parents (with instructions stapled to it) and how I organize supplies. :)

See ya tomorrow! I have more random pics coming your way. Feel free to leave me a question or comment. I love to know that someone actually reads this thing. :)


  1. My favorite is the lava game ecard. I used to play that game on the playground all the time! Too funny!

    The pics from your classroom look fabulous! It looks like such a fun environment to learn! I really like the simple smartie gift for the beginning of school. The children must feel great feeling like they are so smart right off the bat.


  2. I love your organization!! Will have to pin these so O remember for next year!!

  3. So cute!!!! I love looking at your pics!! I always laugh at the headache quote, gets me every time!!!

  4. Looks great! Loved Plum...especially the owl figurines!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  5. Love the "smartie" card and candy idea. My room is a jungle theme, too. I may be borrowing this idea for next year!

  6. Love your zebra door! I used zebra print wrapping paper to cover my desk this year. I'm a little obsessed with animals prints :)

    Club Kindergarten

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  8. Excellent ideas!! I'm going to use a few :-). I appreciate you sharing!