Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Picture Palooza Take TWO!

Day two of Picture Palooza! If you are just joining me, I have hundreds of pics taken during the first semester that I never blogged about so I am posting them all this week. Today I am sharing with you my favorite fine motor centers. The first two weeks of school, we strictly do fine motor centers. This helps me teach students how to care for our materials, clean up, and rotate centers. It also lets me assess them on their fine motor skills. These are easy and cheap activities that can be thrown together that kids LOVE! 

Oh, I am so posting some of my favorite funnies from my blog FB last semester. Who doesn't need a good daily laugh? 


(this is so true because I hate beer, lol)


  1. Thanks for sharing your fine motor centers. I seem to always have a hard time finding ideas for my students at my fine motor center. I am excited to try out some of these ideas!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Such an AMAZING post that is full of so many good ideas!! LOVE it!

  3. Love all the pics and the funnies too. Thanks for the laugh.


  4. Thanks for the great ideas! I love the colander and pipe cleaners - what a fun idea!

    Teaching Ace Blog

  5. I love everything in this post! Where did you get the nuts and bolts? are they foam? And what are they putting the toothpicks into? sorry for all the questions!