Monday, February 18, 2013

Q & U Wedding Fun!!

What a fun week! Any week that revolves around chocolate has my heart. I started this biggest loser competition this week and even though I indulged in a few kisses (the yummy chocolate kind), I still managed to lose a few pounds. Yes, success! Usually I get a dozen or so of those $1 heart boxes of chocolates but this year I didn't get any and that was a serious answer to prayer! J 

Hubs did send me these flowers though. I opened the card and it was blank. I called him to tell him that I may or may not have a secret admirer because I got the most beautiful flowers but no one signed the card. He replied with, “They are from me…there just aren't words for how much I love you!” Bwhahahahaha!!! Well, either he is taking the credit for someone else or he forgot to sign the card. I’m going with option two. LOL. He is so funny.

My favorite part of our week was the QU Wedding. We had so much fun. I try really hard to stick to my learning objectives and sneak in the fun but this time my focus was on the experience. I imagine that many of my littles haven’t had tons of etiquette lessons. As a parent, I talk to my kids about what is proper but not always in a unique way. This is where Q & U come in. We have talked about the rule "never write q without u" all week but a wedding in alphabet land would create memories that will lest forever.

I sent home an invitation to the QU wedding on Monday. I told them that usually, people will send a “formal” invitation to a wedding or a party and that the proper thing to do is to RSVP. Of course they asked what that meant…responds s'il vous plait, French for respond please. They were excited to speak another language. J The invitation stated that they could dress in party attire (so we talked about what that could mean too).

On Wednesday they came to school so excited. Some dressed up and they were precious. We made top hats for the boys and little veils for the girls. We used construction paper, tissue paper, and sentence strips. I just threw it together right before school. It was our early finisher after morning work. I also covered every table with white paper before school so the class could draw pictures and write sweet notes to QU between activities.

Before the ceremony, all students signed the Guest List. We talked about the purpose of signing a book at a wedding or shower and how it is proper to send thank you notes after an event especially if someone gives you a gift. We also drew what we would give them for a present. You could have students cut out pictures from magazines or ads too.

Then, I played the wedding march and we had our U “walk” down to meet our Q. We made puppets attached to popsicle sticks before the ceremony began. I officiated the ceremony (as written in my QU wedding unit) on behalf of Alphabet Land. Q and U were joined in letter matrimony to make words such as quarrel, quiet and queen forever and ever. After the service they walked to the tables as the “Wedding March” played. You can find great wedding music to play on youtube for free.

Once they were at their seats, we talked about the reception. I told students that often after a wedding, people will have a party to celebrate called a reception. There may be music, dancing, cake, and other food. Together we did the Chicken Dance and the Cha Cha Slide. They loved it. Then we talked about the proper way to “slow dance.” I feel like kids today are just not taught how to properly court one another when they are older or how to dance in a manner that is respectful. We discussed how to ask someone to dance, how to dance (put one hand on the other person’s shoulder and the other hand out straight). We discussed about respecting the other person’s space. One of my students said, “Sometimes the girl puts her head on the boy’s shoulder.” I replied with, “yes, they do that when they are married.” LOL! So, I put on a slow song, we all asked someone to dance and we danced for about a half of a song. I told them that it was polite to pay their partner a compliment (and to also not step on their toes). When I stopped the music, we each said “thank you for the dance.” The girls practiced their curtsy. Adorable! I told them next time they go to a wedding to ask their mom or dad to dance and they will be so impressed with their skills. They were gleaming with excitement!!

Then, we cut the cake. My husband had this cake made it his grocery store. This is one of the perks of having a hubs that runs a grocery store. Every year he gets better and better at being a kinder hubs. When I need something, he whips it up for me. Isn’t it cute? Now this cake is only a 1/8th sheet so the pieces were teeny tiny. Let's be honest, the last thing we need is more sugar. I taught my littles that the proper thing to do was to wait until everyone was served before eating (this applies to weddings, birthdays, and going out to eat). I wonder how many of them have been told that before. So, we waited until everyone had cake and juice and then we ate. I was so impressed when we had our Valentine’s party the next day and they remembered what they had learned. They all waited until everyone had made their plate to eat. Love them!!

Anytime they say, “this is the best day ever!” my heart melts! Academics are so very important but sometimes you just need to stop and learn a few life lessons. I am sure that my sweet class will never forget to write q without u! If you want to see more of my QU unit, click this picture.

Have a great week friends. I will be back in a few days to share some more pictures from last week. Love and virtual hugs!!


  1. I know your class thinks you are the bomb- diggity! Awesome! And congrats to the happy!

  2. This post is so cute! You made me laugh and I loved the cake!

  3. This is the cutest lesson ever! I think you're nailing a million standards AND having an experience! :) Love it!

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  5. This is so cute!! Your story about your husband's blank card made me laugh.

    The Eager Teacher

  6. I love that you even had a wedding cake!!! So fun! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. Think this is a marvellous idea...hopefully have your energy to carry all this out!

  8. What a fun day I did this when I was in first grade. I am stealing your cake idea for the next time! Love it!

  9. I LOVED this whole idea!!! I am putting your wonderful unit on my wishlist, and will get it soon! Thanks for sharing! (And props to your hubs for the card answer!)

  10. I love all of the ideas you shared! I thought the cake was very cute!

    Mrs. Lattin's Kindergarten

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  13. I love this post!! The cake is possibly my favorite part!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  14. What a cute idea!! I love how you went all out, I am sure your kiddos will never forget thier "QU" wedding! :o)


  15. I love the cake! We teach Q and U in a couple of weeks! Will have to visit you to get some ideas! :)
    Crayons and Curls

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  17. I absolutely love this idea! I'm not teaching Q&U for another 8 weeks but I have just purchased your amazing unit so it's ready to go. I will have to try and find my own special wedding cake though haha

    Thanks so much!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep