Sunday, June 2, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

Hi all you wonderful Kreative in Kinder readers!  My name is Annie Moffatt from the Moffatt Girls blog and I am so excited to be able to guest post for Crystal!  Crystal is such an amazing teacher, friend and blogger!  I am constantly inspired by her blog and just love her to pieces!  Obviously you do too, which is why you read her blog :)

I know that summer is just around the corner and for some of you it has already arrived!  But before you hit the beach and soak in the sun, I have one more thing I would like to share with you!  I recently made a Summer Review Packet for both Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  It is amazing how much kids can forget over the summer break!  According to the National Summer Learning Association, "all young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.  Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency..."  YIKES...2 months!

Therefore, I created these summer review packets in hopes that teachers and parents would be able to provide kids with some fun resources that help maintain many Common Core Standards taught during the year.  These packets are PACKED with black and white pages that require NO prep!  Just Print and GO!
Here is the Kindergarten Packet...
 photo COVER-1_zps6239255b.png  photo reviewpage1_zpsddc769bd.png  photo review2_zps496945df.png
Here is the 1st Grade Packet...
 photo cover_zps164b0424.png  photo Slide1_zps6d8f34ab.png  photo Slide2_zpsc915808b.png

If you click on any of the above packets, you can read EACTLY what is included.  I hope that these packets make your life just a bit easier as you head into summer!  It was such an honor to be here with all the wonderful Kreative in Kinder fans!

 photo MoffattGirlsBanner1_zps81a6489e.jpg

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