Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Last week, I read Fox in Socks to my students.  I was just reading this book because it was a Seuss book and we wore silly socks to school. I taught alliteration to my class during the last grading period (per our TEKS/objectives) but my class didn't really get it. We were reading Fox in Socks and there are several pieces of alliteration that we stopped to discuss. It was a giant light bulb moment people. The next day we read Seuss's ABC book, which is an even better book to show alliteration. It wasn't on my lesson plans last week for my students to create an alliteration piece but when a door opens, you walk through it. :) When we were done reading, we went back to our seats. I gave each student a blank piece of paper. I walked around the room and asked each student to tell me their alliteration sentence before they wrote it. They wrote and illustrated their sentences on their own. I was one proud teacher! I am so glad that I stopped what I had "planned" to follow them and their curiosity.  This was a window I tried to pry open a few months ago but they weren't ready. This is the greatest lesson I learned when teaching Montessori, FOLLOW THE CHILD! 

Before I log off, I wanted to share my latest creation with you. I created these to help us with state testing. As a teacher, I do much better when I have stuff handy. You guys know how much I love my *rings*.  I seriously have them everywhere in my room.  It keeps me accountable to teach certain concepts EVERY day without forgetting (because let's be honest, some days I can't remember my name). Click on the pic to learn more! 

Have a great rest of the week! Love and virtual hugs. 

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