Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is it REALLY Spring?

It's SPRING! I am sure you knew this but I wish the weather would get a clue! I am so over this whole winter one day spring the next.  It's killing my asthma and my headaches are at a all time high. Just redonkulous. Okay, enough complaining. :) If you are starting your plants unit, I wanted to share my Plant & Flowers Unit with you. Here is a preview of my the unit. It is 79 pages and will be on sale for for the next few days!! Click the pic to see more. I will be back later with pictures of this unit in action. We LOVE learning about plants and growing them. Here's to praying for more sunlight and growing flowers!!

And now a freebie for your downloadable pleasure if you haven't already downloaded it. 
Just click the pictures. J

I am off to SanAntonio to this afternoon to run (and by run I mean WALK) my first 5K with some of my blogging friends. Please say a little prayer that I don't kick the bucket. 
Love and hugs!