Monday, March 3, 2014

More Seuss Fun & Other Stuff!!

It's picture palooza time! Here is a peak of a few things we did last week. So. Much. Fun! 

I made a quick and simple sight word game out of green and white construction paper. The kids used small swatters to flip the words and read them. 

I usually cook green eggs and ham with the kids but this year I tried something different. We made hats out of strawberries and bananas, topped on a small cookie.  I made boiled eggs the night before (well, actually Grace made them for me). We put the yolk in a bag and added blue food coloring. Then, we squeezed the yolk into the center of each egg. Green eggs! Wha la!! We also enjoyed a teeny tiny piece of ham. It was a fun but quick activity and the kids loved it. 

These are a teammates Thing One and Thing Two. We are making ours tomorrow. We did all make hats. We wrote thing 1-20 on them. They wore them all day long. I love how much they love to make and wear a hat. It is so simple but meaningful to them. 

After eating green eggs and ham, we wrote about it. :)

Friday, we participated in Renaissance Learning's Five Million Books Read and Tested Challenge. Fourth graders came down to our classroom to read with us and show us how to take AR tests. It was really fun. 

Each month we have a staff luncheon and each grade level is in charge of one month. Second grade hosted a Seuss theme. It was so cute!!

This week is our book fair. We have a book fair twice a year. Our librarian is AMAZING and goes all out with the theme. This time the theme is fiesta. Isn't this so fun?!! This is the front of our library. One day I will show you pics of the inside. It is such a magical place!

That's all I have for now. I will be back soon with a freebie. Have a happy Tuesday and stay warm. It was 80 here on Saturday and 2 degrees last night. I'm so over this weather!! 
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Love and virtual hugs!


  1. Where did you get the green eggs and ham writing response worksheet?

  2. So many great ideas, Crystal! I love the green egg sight words. Pinning